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Top 10 cervical pillows for neck and back pain

Sleeping is one of the most important things one can do. According to the National Sleep Foundation guidelines, healthy adults need to rest for 7-9 hours on average to function optimally throughout the day.

Sleep is not only necessary but should be made a priority. Improving your sleep will allow you to gain many incredible health benefits that have a long-term impact on life span. Using a pillow that fits your sleeping needs is one of the ways to focus on how to optimize your quality of sleep. Every person is different in how they position themselves when sleeping and this is a point that needs to be addressed.


People who sleep on their back, otherwise known as back sleepers, should place their head and neck in a leveled position to prevent any stressful pain to the neck. This can also prevent any painful twists and turns throughout your sleep cycle which is conducive to getting your necessary hours of rest. Back sleepers should make sure to have a pillow that also helps with body-temperature regulation for easier sleep sessions.

Side Sleepers

You should make sure you position the pillow in a comfortable way where your shoulders are pressed up against the pillow. This allows you to avoid any sharp shoulder pressure that can create lingering discomfort. The contouring feature is included to assist side sleepers by making it easier for the shoulders to relax and have your muscles sink in comfortably.

Stomach Sleepers

Lastly, stomach sleepers are more prone to shoulder strain so they should utilize a more traditional pillow, but be advised of its thickness so as to avoid any shoulder pain. Trying to decide which pillow fits best? No worries, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of the overall best pillow products currently on the market. They are sure to fit any budget and preference as well as mesh perfectly with your sleep position.

1) Best Overall Cervical Pillow for Neck and Back Pain: The Dosaze Contoured Orthopedic Pillow-$99.99

There is no competition when it comes to the Dosaze contoured orthopedic pillow. The pillow is fitted with soft memory foam that allows natural support of your neck and spine. In addition, it has a contouring feature that allows one to never suffer from shoulder spine or neck pain ever again. The pillow cradles the natural curvature of your neck, aligning spine and relieving pain. We've reviewed this pillow before, but it is hands down the best one.

It is more expensive than other pillow options, but you get what you pay for. The high quality memory foam is the best that we've tested before - while other pillows lose their shape over time, this one lasts. It did not go flat in our testing, and always provided the perfect amount of support.

Furthermore, this pillow also provides both firmness and comfort with its temperature regulating technology that is designed to feel the perfect temperature. You'll find that the pillow will not feel too cool nor too hot. In all of our testing, this was by far the best pillow - and the reviews really do speak for themselves.

Did you know that the Dosaze comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee? In the rare case that you may not like your purchase, feel free to just return it. If you don't trust us, just read what other critics are saying about the Dosaze. Without a question, the Dosaze is the best pillow sold on any shelf.

2) Best Value Cervical Memory Foam Pillow: Cradle Me Contour Memory Foam Pillow-$54.99

This pillow is made with polyester material that makes it completely machine washable and also hypoallergenic. The Cradle Me Countour Memory Pillow best fits those who sleep on their back or on their stomach. It's excellent for reducing shoulder pain and also leaves your neck with less tension build-up. It also offers therapeutic relief for all sleepers and has you feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day.

Made from premium memory foam, this pillow can also cater to your body's sleep position by allowing your muscles to ease into the material. The biggest drawback is that it does flatten over time with repetitive use. Make sure to not overuse or over fluff the pillow when laying it out in bed.

3) Best Discount Cervical Pillow: Roscoe Cervical Pillow-$19.99

This pillow provides cervical indentations that offer incredible neck support and promotes healthy sleeping posture. The Roscoe Cervical Pillow is perfect for either a side sleeper or back sleeper since the contour design compliments these postures. The pillow also helps with other common ailments such as shoulder pain tension, headaches, whiplash, post spinal surgery, and snoring. The polyester fiberfill material feels smooth enough to feel like you're on a cloud. One thing to note is that this pillow does not come fitted with memory foam, so it may lack in some areas where support can be reinforced.

4) Best Polyester/Cotton Cervical Pillow: Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow-$39.25

This pillow offers tri-core cervical support for neck head and spine reinforcement. The material is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton and crafted here in the USA. It's mainly designed to help with spine alignment and spinal posture of the neck. Just know that it may take several weeks for the pillow to adjust to your body's posture in order to remedy any pain or discomforts. The Core Products Tri-Core has material that is 100% non-allergenic virgin polyester fiberfill which means you will not have any issues catching any unnecessary bodily reactions.

5) Best Firm Cervical Support Pillow: Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow-$34.98

This amazing product is fit to ease pain around the neck and also to reduce arthritis. Not only is the D-Core medically recommended, but it also has a unique center which cradles your head in a way where it would align your neck with your spine. Just taken to account that overused may increase neck pain. Most people who take their time with correcting their sleep postures will experience the best results. However, this pillow is pretty firm so that is something to be aware of when you purchase it.

6) Most Versatile Cervical Pillow For Any Type Of Sleeper: Sutera Dream Deep Memory Foam Pillow- $54.99

An excellent choice for those wanting to prioritize great sleep. The Sutera memory foam pillow offers great support and promotes reliable sleep throughout the night. Its ergonomic shape is designed to support neck head and shoulders as well as provide 100% memory foam technology to allow your body to sync in. The great thing about this product is that it also fits any kind of sleeper including back, side, and stomach. One thing to note: the Sutera dream pillow has been criticized as being too soft and therefore loses its shape relatively quickly. Don't let that stop you from enjoying what many say is the most versatile cervical pillow: fitted for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike.

7) Best Multi-Use Cervical Pillow: Coop Home Goods 4 Position Foam Support Pillow- $34.99

This multi-featured foam pillow is completely adjustable to fit the right size by allowing you to access the memory foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit sleep position. The 4-Positiion Foam Pillow comes with a removable cover and is also 100% completely hypoallergenic. You can easily machine wash for convenience just make sure you wash it in cold water with a delicate cycle. Be sure to not use fabric softener or bleach as it can damage the material. If you're not 100% satisfied, coupe home goods allows you to return the pillow for a full refund within the first hundred nights. Try it on now!

8) Best Cervical Pillow For Back Sleepers: Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow: $69.99

Still searching for that ideal pillow to keep you cool at night during hot nights? The Eden pillow features soft gel infused memory foam with microfiber fill blend for a cooler sleeping experience. Coupe Home Goods Eden Pillows are green guard gold certified, which means they ensure that strict guidelines were met for safety and quality of materials used. There are no toxic or harmful chemicals that were used in the production of the pillow. Interesting enough, it is also vegan and animal cruelty free. The case is made with Lulltra fabric that blends bamboo derived viscose rayon and polyester to provide softness and breath-ability during your sleep. This excellent product comes with a 5-year warranty so if you don't like it, You can contact Coop home directly for a full refund.

9) Most Adjustable Cervical Pillow For Medium To Firm Support: Nature Guest Cervical Pillow-$49.99

This pillow provides one of the firmest support fillings on the market. Not only is it recommended by chiropractors and orthopedics, research has shown that it has considerably improved head, neck, and spine alignment for those who have used it. The Nature Guest Cervical Pillow is also designed to allow one to effortlessly shift from back to side with a more restful sleep. The dual zipper design allows you to access the pillow filling and easily adjust your desired firmness for either back or side sleepers. We did find, however, that this pillow's shape wasn't the best to support our neck and back - we did have a bit of pain when testing it due to the nature of how our neck and back were aligned when using it.

10) Most Breathable Cervical Pillow: Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow- $32.99

The patented ergonomic design of the Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow allows for deeper sleep by allowing your body and muscles to fully relax. The hypoallergenic removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning care. The outer cover is breathable for air circulation giving you a cool, comfortable sleeping experience whenever if feels like the heat is turning up. You may encounter "Fresh Foam" odor when you first purchase the pillow, but the smell will dissipate after several hours of unpacking it.

Hopefully after reading this list you can see the importance and rejuvenating benefits of pillows in how they can help to create healthy sleeping practices. The average person spends 33% of their entire life sleeping, so it's pretty important that we give our bodies the time to recover to function optimally. Don't think twice when it comes time to investing in your sleep. The benefits are life-changing and it all starts with the simple assistance of a pillow.

Image: Pexels – Andrea Pizcquadio