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Are you a hot sleeper? Here are 10+ comforters that keep you cool throughout the night

There's absolutely nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat and with sticky sheets clinging to your skin. It's not just annoying but it can also disrupt your sleep. You'll have a hard time getting that quality shuteye you need to function well the next day.

To prevent that from happening, you'll need to optimize your bedroom for sleep. One way to do that is to invest in the best cooling comforters.

There's a lot of options in the market these days. In fact, with just a quick search on the internet, you'll end up with a long list of options.

To narrow down the list and find the best cooling comforter, you'll need to consider the type, size, materials, and color that will fit your needs and match your bathroom decor. You will also need to consider its durability as well as your budget.

If you find that a bit overwhelming, you can simply take your pick from these cooling comforters. They are guaranteed to help you say goodbye to night sweats.

1. Best Overall Cooling Comforter: HydroCool™ Ultra Plush Temperature Regulating Down-Alternative Duvet Comforter -$259

This cooling blanket from the Pottery Barn easily easily takes the top spot.

Let's get into why...

First, it's made with moisture-wicking fibers. Basically, this means that the blanket won't just help regulate temperature but also keep you dry while you sleep. It helps make sure that you don't wake up soaking in your own sweat at night.

Plus, it's also hypoallergenic. You can sleep at night knowing that you won't have to deal with irritated skin the next morning.2.

Maintaining the blanket is fairly easy. All you have to do is machine wash it in cold water. You can add a non-chlorine bleach when washing it but make sure that you only do it when necessary.

Source: Pottery Barn

2. Best Value Cooling Comforter: Bare Home Ultra-Soft Premium 1800 Series Comforter -$39

If your budget is tight but you still want to get better sleep at night, this cooling comforter fits the bill. For less than $50, you'll get an ultra-soft and ultra-fluffy comforter to help you get that warm feeling even on a chilly evening.

This is a reversible comforter. Each side is designed with a different color so you can easily switch your bedroom's look. It's fade resistant and durable. The comforter is designed with a box stitch to ensure that it won't shift. Plus, the piped edges give it an elegant look.

Apart from keeping you cool at night, this comforter can also help protect you against common allergens. Made with 100% hypoallergenic microfiber, it can keep dust mites and mildew away.

Source: Amazon

3. Best Year-Round Cooling Comforter: Parachute Powder Blue Percale Duvet Cover- $102

This duvet cover has a crisp and clean design that won't fail you anytime of the year. In fact, you can expect its crisp finish to get better with time.

And it doesn't just look good. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, it feels good against the skin as well. It's lightweight and breathable. Apart from that, it's also cool to the touch.

The quality of this duvet cover is pretty stellar across the board. However, to make sure it stays that way for a long time, do not use bleach when washing it. Additionally, instead of dryer sheets, consider using wool dryer balls.

Source: Parachute Home

4. Best Eco-Friendly Cooling Comforter: Buffy Breeze Hypoallergenic Comforter -$179

No, you didn't get the product name the wrong way. This one is truly made with 100% eucalyptus fabric and fill which leaves it breathable and cool-to-the-touch.

The brand uses eucalyptus grown in renewable forests in Austria. There are no harsh chemicals used in processing the comforter so you won't have to worry about it harming you or the environment. It's safe for pets and kids as well since it doesn't have essential oils.

This product is considered as a temperature-regulating comforter. If it's hot, it'll help cool you down. When it's cool, it'll keep you warm.

The comforter comes with loops on each corner. They help keep the duvet cover in place.

Source: Amazon

5. Best Weighted Cooling Comforter: The Gravity Cooling Blanket -$239

A weighted blanket helps improve sleep quality. The deep touch it produces triggers the relaxation hormone known as serotonin. Using one can help you sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Now, even though this product is weighted, it doesn't mean that it'll make you feel hot and sweaty at night. It's actually the other way around.

Made with moisture-wicking fabric, it can help you wake up feeling rejuvenated. And instead of plastic polypellets, it's designed with fine glass beads to create the luxurious feel.

The blanket comes in three weight options: 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. To select the right one for you, find out your weight and pick one that's between 7% to 12% of your body weight.

Source: Gravity Blanket

6. Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter: Brooklinen Down Comforter -$199

For those who prefer a luxury down comforter that will last, Brooklinen Down Comforter is an excellent choice. Made with Canadian down clusters and 400 thread count cotton, it gives users that luxury look and feel. And since the materials are durable, you can consider it an excellent long-term investment.

This comforter's cotton shell is breathable. With the down fill, there's better airflow through it so you won't have to sleep too hot under it.

You can use the comforter on its own. However, if you prefer to put it inside a duvet cover, you can do so. It comes with corner tabs to help you secure it within your duvet cover.

Source: Brooklinen

7. Best Self-Adjusting Cooling Comforter: Climarest Cooling Blanket -$74.99

Featuring Phase Change Material, Climarest claims that this blanket can sense the user's body temperature. Additionally, it can adjust so you won'thave to wake up feeling uncomfortable and sweaty.

Available in two different sizes, the blanket has a 233 thread count. It's available in just one color- white.

Source: Climarest

8. Best Colored Cooling Comforter: Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter -$39.99

Large, fluffy, and soft- what more can you ask for?

Well, if it's color choices, this comforter from Sleep Restoration won't disappoint. Available in 10 different color combinations, you can easily pick one that'll match your bedroom's interior or even your personality.

It's reversible, giving you two different looks. If you want to change your bed's look, all you have to do is flip it over. It's that easy.

The comforter has a box-stitched construction. Apart from stimulating visual interest, this ensures that the fiber fill won't shift or clump. On the edges, you'll find piped edges which prevents seam breakage.

This comforter doesn't just look luxurious, but it feels that way, too. Think about spending a night at a luxury hotel- that's what you'll feel with this comforter.

Source: Amazon

9. Best Cooling Comforter for Winter: Ave Maria Down Alternative Duvet Comforter -$369.95

The inner part of this comforter is made with all natural alpaca wool. It's considered as a natural fiber with a soft and luxurious feel. Compared with sheep's wool, it's lighter and more durable.

Another good thing about alpaca fiber is that it's lanolin-free. It's deemed to be hypoallergenic which helps prevent nasal congestion and other signs of allergies at night.

Each comforter is filled with about 400 grams per square meter of pure alpaca wool. It's just the right weight to help you sleep comfortably at night.

The outer part, meanwhile, is made with 400 thread count cotton. There's no synthetic layer in this product, just 100 natural materials.

Source: Amazon

10. Best Cooling Comforter for Summer: Joss & Main Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter -$49

This comforter might look simple but it definitely does the job. Made with 100% polyester, it can easily transform any bedroom into a restful retreat.

It's constructed with sewn-through box-stitch and piped edges. These features ensure that the comforter is durable enough for daily use. You can even machine wash it.

The comforter is also Oeko-Tex certified. This means that it has been tested and certified to be free from over 100 substances that are bad for human health.

Source: Joss & Main

11. Best Silk Cooling Comforter: LilySilk All Season Comforter -$460.10

Silk is a type of breathable fabric that allows a consistent temperature while you sleep. Compared with polyester or down duvets, it's better in regulating heat

This comforter is very smooth and soft since it's covered by 100% mulberry silk. The materials used to make it are organic. They come from the best local silk farmers. No chemicals were used in processing it.

The comforter comes with a beautiful sheen as well. Because of this effect, it can easily make your bedroom look royal and classy.

Source: Amazon

12. Best Down Cooling Comforter: Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet -$351

The price of this duvet might make you think twice. However, if you consider the high-end materials and its durable construction, you'd find it a worthy investment.

This comforter is made with a layer of merino wool, a 100% outer shell, and responsibly sourced duck down. The outer shell is breathable while the layer of wool is claimed to be moisture-wicking.

It's flippable. One side of it is white while the other is beige. It features a sewn-through design and tabs on all its corners to secure it in place in case you want to put it in a duvet cover.

You can machine wash this comforter. However, to prolong its life, wash it on cold setting and dry it on a low setting.

Source: Casper

Sources: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels