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Here are the 12 best pillowcases worth investing in for healthy skin and hair

While you might consider a mattress to be the most important investment in your bedroom, many people don't feel the same way about their pillows. Providing they're comfortable enough to prevent neck and back pain, they're fine, right? Well - not necessarily.

If you're one of the thousands of people in the US who battle daily with dry, damaged hair, acne-prone skin, or even wrinkles, your pillow may be to blame. Or, specifically, your pillowcase.

Ever woken up with lines and compression marks across your cheek and forehead? That's one of the biggest signs that your pillowcase isn't kind to your skin. And if your hair suffers from thinness and excessive breakage, your pillowcase may be responsible again.

It's time to make the switch from your rough, harmful pillowcase to something a little skin and hair-friendlier. Here are the top 12 pillowcases worth investing in for healthy skin and hair.

1. Best Overall Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair Health: Blissy Pillowcase $69.95

Picking one favorite out of the hundreds of silk pillowcases that exist out there isn’t easy, but the Blissy Pillowcase just comes out on top for us.

It’s not the cheapest pillowcase on offer, at $69.95 on sale (down from $89.95) at the time of this review. But there’s plenty to love about it. It’s made from high quality 22-Momme 100% pure mulberry silk, so you really are sleeping on the real deal with this pillowcase.

The Blissy is completely natural and hypoallergenic, and has been researched, designed, tried and tested by a team of experts to ensure it does wonders to your skin, hair and your overall health. It comes in three sizes: standard, queen and king, and has more than 1,500 5-star reviews.

2. Best Value Silk Pillowcase: Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $11

Just looking to try out a silk pillowcase without blowing your budget? The SKU Mulberry Silk Pillowcase costs just $11 (at the time of writing) and still boasts all the benefits of a more expensive product.

Though basic in design, the SKU pillowcase makes a bigger bedroom statement than your average cotton pillowcase. Appearances aside, it can help your skin and hair to stay healthy and smooth, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, through its material alone.

The SKU pillowcase comes in a number of different colors, including blue, black, silver and pink. It’s available in just one size, with the dimensions 66 × 51 × 1 cm.

3. Best Pillowcase For Acne: Silvon Pillowcase $40

If acne is a particular struggle for you, the Silvon Pillowcase is your best choice. Described as “an essential to any skincare routine”, the Silvon is woven with actual silver, which naturally gets rid of that nasty acne-causing bacteria and gives you a clean, fresh surface to lay your head on.

The Silvon has been clinically proven to do its job in eliminating acne-causing bacteria, and has been dermatologist tested, too. It’s hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause any allergic reactions that could cause your face to break out in a rash either.

You can buy the Silvon in sizes standard or king, in colors white, silver, sky or sand.

4. Best Silk Pillowcase For Toddlers: Little Royals Pure Silk Toddler Pillowcase $19

Some might say that silk is wasted on toddlers, but this definitely isn’t true. Skin and haircare begins from the moment we’re born – and toddlers have even softer and more delicate skin than us adults. The Little Royals Pure Silk pillowcase is designed specifically with toddlers in mind, and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all day.

With soft, gentle pure silk material, the Little Royals pillow is ideal for delicate skin, and can help to prevent hair breakage on the back of your little one’s head. Being naturally hypoallergenic, this pillowcase won’t cause allergy flare-ups, and has a 600 thread count. Your toddler will never have a fancier sleep than this!

In colors natural white, bedtime blue, goodnight green and lullaby pink, there’s a shade for every preference. The Little Royals comes in just one toddler-friendly size: 13 by 18 inches.  

5. Best Anti-Aging Silk Pillowcase: Silked Anti-Aging 100% Mulberry Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase $53.99

Aging is, of course, a natural process that we should all embrace – but that’s not to say we should be content with our pillowcase speeding up the process. The Silked Anti-Aging pillowcase is a 100% mulberry silk construction and is ideal for using at home and during travel.

The pillowcase has a unique design, being open on both ends, making it easy to slip over a pillow of any sizes. Sleeping on the pillowcase’s silk material reduces wrinkles and sleep lines, helping you to wake up with smooth, fresh skin. It also prevents acne breakouts, which can give your skin an unhealthy quality that makes it look older.

The Silked pillowcase comes in ivory/champagne or plain ivory, in a one-size-fits all. It’s hypoallergenic and has a plain weave construction.

6. Most Breathable Silk Pillowcase: Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $59

There’s nothing worse than going to bed on a hot evening and feeling like your entire head is being slowly heated up in a sauna. If sleeping cool over summer is a must for you, but you still want to look after your skin and your hair, the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a great option.

Made with luxurious mulberry silk, the Brooklinen protects your skin and hair from friction damage, and is naturally cool to touch. With its insulating but breathable fabric, you can enjoy the Brooklinen just as much on warm summer nights as on cool winter evenings.

The Brooklinen comes in standard and king sizes, and neutral shades of grey, ivory, white and blush pink.

7. Best Blowout Silk Pillowcase: Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase $89

Not all of us have the cash to splash on a fancy pillowcase, but if you’re feeling like treating yourself on payday, the Slip pillowcase is worth considering. At $89 for one pillowcase at the time of this review, the Slip is almost double the price of the average silk pillowcase for skin and hair health, but has plenty of benefits to boast about.

The Slip helps to reduce signs of stretching, friction and tugging on your facial skin, preventing sleep lines or wrinkles. Its silk fibres are ideal for promoting the longevity of skin and haircare products that are intended to be worn overnight. Your skin and hair will glide easily across the pillow, which will reduce pressure on creased skin and help to preserve the style, volume and length of your hair.

You can buy the Slip in a variety of pastel shades, including an interesting pink marble pattern. The Slip also comes in more understated colors, like black, navy blue and grey. It comes in one size: queen.

8. Best Patterned Silk Pillowcase: Olesilk Exotic Flavor Printed Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin with Hidden Zipper $21.99

Who said silk pillowcases had to be understated? The Olesilk is a bright, colorful printed pillowcase that’s ideal for jazzing up a neutral bedspread or clashing delightfully with other bold prints.

If you enjoy the uplifting presence of colors, you’ll love the Olesilk. The pillowcase has gorgeous, vibrant printing, constructed on 16 momme pure silk fabric. The material will protect your skin by allowing it to slide smoothly over the pillowcase, preventing traction-related face crepe-ing. Your skin and hair will retain its moisture, and there’s nothing boring or clinical about the pillowcase that’s behind all this.

The Olesilk pillowcase comes in standard, king and queen sizes, in just one print: floral; blue, white, purple and black. It has a zipper, too, so it won’t slide off while you’re getting your beauty sleep.

9. Best Travel Silk Pillowcase: Mulberry Park Silks Pure Silk Travel Pillowcase $19.50

Looking after your skin and hair health shouldn’t only be reserved for when you’re at home. If you’re a jet-setter for either work or play, and you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and on planes, you need a silk pillowcase that’s ideal for travel. Enter: the Mulberry Park Silks Pure Silk Travel Pillowcase.

With its own tiny silk travel case, you can take the Mulberry Park pillowcase with you on your travels and pop it over your pillow in your hotel room. If you find yourself in unpleasant sleeping quarters, you can rest assured that the Mulberry Park pillowcase is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mites and mold, so you can stay safe and protected until it’s time for checkout.

There are four colors to choose from: ivory, pink, green and blue; and each comes with its own matching color travel case. The pillowcase comes in one “travel pillowcase” size, at 13 by 18 inches.

10. Best Organic Pillowcase: Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcase Set $42

The Ettitude pillowcase is made entirely from organic bamboo fabric, which is known for being cooling, silky-soft, and completely sustainable. If you want to do your bit for the environment while caring for your skin and hair, the Ettitude is for you.

Having been performance tested to provide optimum support for comfort and wellness, you can rest assured that the Ettitude isn’t just a novelty idea. Its material is hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, preventing overheating and allergy flare-ups, and is the gentle support your skin and hair needs.

You can buy the Ettitude in standard or king sizes, and you get two pillowcases for the price of one. There are 8 different colors to choose from, from neutral greys to quirky colorful stripes.

11. Best Silk Pillowcase For Teens: MorningGlamour Signature Box Pillowcase $20.99

We all know that your teenage years are the worst for acne breakouts, and helping your own teenage family member to look after their skin is key for this period in their life. This fun MorningGlamour Signature Box Pillowcase is completely teen-friendly, from its cheery pink packaging to its silver design.

Providing a smoother surface for hair strands, the MorningGlamour helps to reduces matting, tangling and straggling that can cause breakage and split ends. Being non-absorbent, this pillowcase also won’t absorb any moisture from your skin. It has a stay-put flap, so it won’t come off the pillow no matter how much tossing and turning your restless teen does.

You can also get the MorningGlamour box in pink, red, blue, ivory, gold, light purple… essentially any color of the rainbow. It comes in just one standard size, perfect for an average-sized pillow.

12. Best Machine Washable Silk Pillowcase: Lunya Washable Silk Pillowcase $74

One of the annoyances of a silk pillowcase is that it often needs to be hand-washed – and who’s got time for that? The Lunya is a pillowcase designed by people who understand that chores like washing should be left to the appliances that were designed to do them, and not us.

With washable silk on one side and soft woven cotton on the other, the Lunya’s silk surface keeps your skin hydrated, helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and prevents your hair from becoming frizzy and ridden with split ends.

The Lunya comes in standard/queen and king sizes, and just one color: white. Keep in mind that bolder colored silk would probably bleed in the washing machine, so the Lunya is wise to be boring.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels