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Bedding experts share the comfiest and coziest bed sheets for bedtime

The Importance Of Bed Sheets

What makes excellent quality bed sheets? Not a typical question one might ask despite the fact that we use our beds to rest each night. Whether it’s being overwhelmed with heat or just simply feeling itchy from potential allergic reactions, bed sheets are pivotal when determining what we want in terms of our sleep preference.

Nowadays, quality is everything and in the realm of bed sheets there can be no exceptions made. We want to be sure that they accommodate our needs as well as provide resilience in durability that will last us a very long time.

Not a simple answer right? Not to worry! Thanks to evaluations provided by Textile Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, we have provided a close examination of various categories for bed sheets including fabric strength, wash-ability, fit, durability, comfortability, and more in order to determine what bed sheet is right for you. We have also coupled this data with consumer reports to aid us in finding out what bedsheets fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, style, or long last-lasting qualities in your bedsheets, we’ve got you covered. Before we dive into the various types of bed sheets, we’ll first take a look at sheet material and thread count in order to grasp a better idea of the components that make up these bedroom wares.

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Sheet Material

If you’re looking for that naturally soft feel in a sheet, then 100% cotton is the most common choice amongst the assortment of different sheet materials. Blending with polyester results in a more durable, less wrinkly product as well as lowers the cost in comparison to pure cotton sheets.

In addition, if you were looking to stay with cotton, but also wanted to increase the lifespan of the sheet, you may want to look into Egyptian or Pima style as they provide excellent durability and even create a smooth surface to caress your body softly. Linen and polyester are also great options here, however, they are less common and offer their own special sets of qualities which will be discussed further.

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Thread Count

One thing to note is that thread count is not typically important unless your sheets are made out of 100% cotton. High-quality sheets will usually stay in the 300-500 thread spectrum. The more important, more utilitarian factor is the fabric weave composition of bed sheets which can be a deciding factor for many purchasers out there.

Common fabric weave makeup includes percale, sateen, flannel, and jersey. Percale feels lightweight and cool, sateen feels incredibly silky smooth (testers often prefer this material), flannel offers a soothing comfy feel, and jersey provides material similar to that of a regular shirt.

With this knowledge, we organized the best bed sheets for the occasion in order to narrow down your needs and preferences

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1. Best Overall Sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

These sheets excelled at almost every category by testers and data across the board. The 100% cotton sateen fabric allowed for extreme resiliency, easy washing, and an incredibly crisp feeling that culminated in a plethora of reviews online praising the product in the highest echelon of bed sheets.

2. Best Value Sheets: Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

An amazon best seller, this amazing product sells for an incredible price of $25. The makeup consists of polyester microfiber that hardly ever shrunk as it got washed and felt smoother than a baby’s cheek. The caveat here is that the material may seem too soft and can seem a little less organic than cotton.

3. Best Luxury Cotton Sheets: Wamsutta 500 Thread CountPimacott Sheet Set

As a preface, it must be stated that sheets that are labelled as long-stapled cottons, like Egyptian or Pima, are not authentically sold with this material. For this specific set, it has been DNA tested that legitimizes your purchase and proves you are getting 100% Pima cotton. Results from the panel of testers stated that the sheets felt soft and that amidst being susceptible to wrinkling, its strength and size proved to overcome that issue.

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4. Best Hotel Sheets: Marriot Signature Sheet Set

Marriot's hotel sheets compare as a bit pricier than most, but the high-quality blend of polyester and cotton definitely shows why. The percale weave fabric is very ergonomic, easy to fit, and proved very resilient when evaluated by different tests. In addition, it is very easy to wash as it does not wrinkle much and does not shrink easily.

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5. Best Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets: Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Sheet Set

Tired of that chaotic wrinkled mess that occurs after every other wash? These sheets are made with exquisitely fine wrinkle-resistant material that will leave the surface smoother than a baby's skin. No dangerous chemicals were used in the making as it is Oeko-Tex certified. Although the cotton sateen fabric enables the sheet to feel incredibly smooth, it's only flaw is that it was not ranked amongst the strongest types of fabric. The sheets are very durable and fit a variety of mattresses from Twin to King with ease.


6. Best Crisp Sheets: Parachute Percale Sheet Set

These sheets are specially made for those who prefer to sleep with a light, windy-cool feel on their skin. According to its wash test, the 100% cotton fabric proved that it was almost shrink-proof. One of its downfalls is that it did undergo wrinkling after being washed and was not quite as smooth as the sateen alternative. Still, it managed to fit appropriately with the test mattress and although the wrinkling can be a nuisance for some, it can be expected given this type of weave.

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7. Best Temperature-Regulating Sheets: Slumbercloud Stratus Sheet Set

If overheating during your sleep is a recurring problem, then these sheets are just for you. The combination of cotton and viscose with Outlast technology work to store and pour out your body heat as you perspire. The fabric is very tight and strong and helps to maintain and regulate body temperature throughout your sleep. Did we mention it was also rated amongst one of the softest fabrics tested? An astute choice for those wanting to sleep on the cooler side at night.

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8. Best Sweat-Wicking Sheets: Bedgear Dri-Tec Sheet Set

Made from the same type of polyester used in workout gear, these sheets are designed to be moisture-proof and aid you in staying cooler than the other side of the pillow. Due to the fact that the sheets are synthetic, it's one of the strongest performing sheets in the tests conducted, was able to prevent wrinkles, and rarely ever shrunk after being washed. If you're worried about its softness, most testers rated the sheets among the silkiest in a blind comparison.


9. Best Flannel Sheets: Micro Flannel Sheet Set

Look no further for the strongest sheets available. The test results conducted earned it both the softest and strongest flannel. It completely marvelled the consumer testers for its unique durability and even its ability to wash with very minimal shrinkage. This jaw-dropping set earned top marks from many of the testers and is definitely a must-have for those wanting that comfortable, cozy feel.


10. Best Organic Sheets: Boll and Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

These sheets have been Fair Trade Certified, which signifies that they have met ethical standards during its production such as the conditions of the workers as well as the wages granted to them. The product is also GOTS certified, which means that every detail of the manufacturing of the sheets is completely organic. In addition, it is 100% cotton sateen fabric proved to be very strong and capable of withstanding shrinkage after several washes. The sheets were not considered the softest, however, comparatively speaking it still proved to be softer than average.

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11. Best Linen Sheets: Saphyr Pure Linen Sheet Set

This French-made bedding set proves to be the most expensive of our lot. However, it makes up for it in terms of unparalleled strength and ability to withstand any unforeseen tears. It was able to fit most mattress sizes and was surprisingly shrink-resistant compared to most. This is the pinnacle of linen sets on the market. If it's in your budget, you should definitely give this wonderful set a run for its money.

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